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Bilding Me A Fewchr

Posted on 2006.05.18 at 18:16

Bilding Me A Fewchr



                Dear Teacher:  Today Mommy cried.  Mommy asked me, Jody do you really know why you are going to school?  I said, I dont know, why?  She said it is cause we are going to be building me a future.  I said, What is a future?  What (does) one look like?  Mommy said, I dont know, Jody, no one can really see all your future, just you.  Dont worry, cause youll see, youll see.  Thats when she cried and said, Oh, Jody, I love you so!  Mommy says every one needs to work really hard for us kids to make our futures the nicest ones the world can offer.  Teacher, can we start today to build me a future?  Can you try especially hard to make it a nice pretty one, just for Mommy and for me?  I love you, Teacher.  Love, Jody

Posted on 2006.05.18 at 14:54
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